Sunrose College Sagwara Sunrose Teacher Training Institute Sunrise Public School Sagwara Adarsh Vidhya Niketan School Godapala, Gulabpura
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Sunrise Public School Sagwara, Dungarpur is the culmination of the vision inspiration of Mr. jitendra singh ji Chairman real velfair society. That we started our journy in molding. The carreer of the children living in the remark areas, since that day, we never looked back but we are countinuosly Marching toward attaning the Goal and objectives.

Education plays a curcial role in everyone's life. it hear the modern concept of education blend smoothly with the ancient and the traditional values. hear the guru and shishya work together toward the excellence in all sphere of life. here the children are prepaired for better life and in farming vision for life.. so that day can set up lasting and creative goal...

It is an English Medium institution but not the cost of Hindi, Which too recevices the attention and respect. It is to be made into a good public school which develops in Indian culture and social environment but still Maintaining the best feature of notable and progressive English Medium School functioning on the basis of - "Education is for all".

Why Sunrise School...!

A successful interprise has its genesis in the creativity of its unbrialled mind with this belief firmily in place.. the jan vikas velfair society has strived and has succeeded in becoming a multi fuceted yarn manufacturing entity.. with over to years of manufacturing experience. the real velfair society is a unique combination of refined management application skill and professional inventiveness. MR. Jitendra ji  has Eminently succeeded in establishing real Welfair society as one of the leading producer of an entire range of high quality and high value yarms.


Maa Suraj Kuwar Group of education..

The learning environment in a school is everything. Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. A good classroom environment rests on relationships — Between students, students and teachers, and with parents who care. School management and aesthetics also play a role. 

Special Features

* Excellent result.
* Well stocked library.
* Highly dedicated & qualified teachers.
* Affordable school fee structure.
* Education through projector.
* Special remedial classes for weaker students.
* Various Extra co-curricular activities.



Reg No. : 27/DUNGARPUR/1996-97


It is the foremost priority of the school.  A variety if stimuli is provided to the learners to ignite their knowledge and intellect. Students learn through hands on experiences, seminar , workshops and group activities. Guest speakers and counsellors are also invited to share their knowledge on different issues with the children. 


We as a team aim to achieve excellence in education by :
* Continually improving existing student performance.
* Regular student feedback system.


Co-Scholastic Activities/Weekend Activities.

The school has well equipped laboratories.

An extensive library promotes reading habits.

The sick room is equipped to handle medical requirements.

Bus services are provided for various routes.

Special weekend classes.


Sunrise Public School
Suraj Nagar
Udipur Link Road
Pin: 314025